Happy New Year

Well, first blog post in a while! Writing has always been somewhat of a strange bedfellow for me, sometimes I feel like I can write an entire novel, other times, I can’t see the words formulate in my mind.

At least when I write the news, the narrative is easier to construct (unlike a novel), whether it be traffic news, local news or sport and through-out 2017 I’ve encompassed all those areas. From working with the New South Wales Athletic League, the Australian Traffic Network and finally to joining the Super Radio Network in Young, I’ve worked my backside off to get to a point where I know I’m on the right track.

2017 hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely was better for me than 2016. Now as we head into 2018, I wonder what I’ll face, but I know in my gut, that whatever the challenges are, I’ll take them on with my two hands.

Happy New Year to everyone across the world, may 2018 bring you joy, accomplishment, desire and fulfilment.


Daniel Pizarro

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